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About Mr.Swift

Passionate about           health and wellness


Welcome to Swift and Changeable – the blog all about changing up your lifestyle for good. Whether you’re seeing this as we enter 2022, pondering your New Year’s Resolutions, or are well into the year and may or may not have stuck to your goals, change can start when you decide you want that change. My name is Mark Swift, and I’m the owner of Swift and Changeable, and an online Lifestyle Coach.

I, personally, have been through quite a change over the past few years. I used to be extremely overweight, unmotivated and working in a job I hated. I didn’t realise how much all of these things affected my physical and mental well-being until I decided to leave my job in 2018. I felt like I had no real purpose, and found it difficult to do daily tasks or even buy clothes that fitted my size, which all took a knock on my confidence. I decided that I needed to do something about it, so I first changed my job and started looking after myself. Some friends said to me “why not join the gym and come with us?”, but I was against this for a few reasons. Firstly, because of my size, I felt extremely self-conscious amongst all the regular gym-bunnies; but also because it wasn’t healthy for someone my size to go from nothing to exercising at the gym 5 days a week. I needed to begin gradually shedding the weight just through walking, and altering my diet. Carrying as much weight as I did and suddenly changing to extreme cardio could create long-term damage to my joints and organs. I bought myself a decent pair of trainers and took a short walk every day, walking a bit further each time. I also took up swimming, because it is a great sport that is low-impact on my joints. There were some quieter adult sessions in the morning before work, so I would head there and be one of the only people in the pool which made me feel a lot better.

Quite quickly, I started to see dramatic changes in the way I looked and felt by just going for walks and eating better.  Being larger, the weight seemed to disappear quite quickly, but then I hit the inevitable weight-loss plateau, which tested my motivation. But, I listened to my body when it needed rest and kept at it, and now I am fit and healthy, and even took up some light running every now and then.

What I discovered

There are several elements to starting a new lifestyle that you need to consider, particularly when it comes to habits like healthy eating and weight. Being kind to yourself and not restricting yourself, first off, will get you in the right mindset to break these habits. Because that is what much of people’s problems stem from – habits that are so deeply enrooted that it can feel impossible to get out. Also, educating yourself on how to change for good is essential. Many people believe that to lose weight, you need to suddenly stop eating nice food and fill up on sad-looking salads. This is not sustainable and you will just end up hungry and giving up. You don’t need to have a very limited diet or feel guilty for not exercising for a few days. This will only send you back down the slippery slope and you’ll be less inclined to continue on your journey. On my page, I will be including useful information on how to sustainably manage dieting, weight loss, as well as other health and wellness tips to help you achieve your goals or just stay healthy. My job as a lifestyle coach is to help with all aspects of your lifestyle, including your physical and mental health. I was inspired to start this job after my transformation, as I realised how difficult it was for me at first, so I wanted to help others who were in the same boat.

Mark Swift

Lifestyle Coach